Someone Has Only Gone And ACTUALLY Made Ross Geller's Moist Maker!

It's that turkey time of year! And somebody has managed to recreate the 'moist maker'...we salute you!

Ross Geller Moist Maker Sandwich

'The  One With Ross' Sandwich' could be up there as one of the funniest Friends episodes ever!

For those who might need reminding of what happens, each Thanksgiving Ross' sister Monica makes him the ultimate leftover turkey sandwich complete with what he calls the 'moist maker'.

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It's a slice of bread in the middle of the sandwich which is soaked in gravy and something Ross is VERY passionate about...and the fact that somebody from his work stole it makes him super angry!

Oh and it gets worse...

But don't worry Ross, a canny YouTuber has made his own 'moist maker'.

Follow his simple video this festive season and you can have all the 'moist makers' in the world! Hurrah!


The brain behind this video is YouTuber 'Binging With Babish' real name, Andrew Rhea. 

He certainly looks like he knows his way around a Turkey! Just LOOK at that 'moist maker'...

Ross Geller Moist Maker In Real Life

O.M.G...there are just no words.

If you're going to make this and take it to the office make sure you leave a better note on it than Ross did!