This Simple Ingredient Will Magically Improve A Bottle Of Wine

If your wine's ever been too sweet, then this easy hack could sort it right out!

Red wine stock image

Let's be honest for a moment here, most of us have failed Dry January already...and that's absolutely fine!

With a new way of thinking for 2017 in mind, we all need to learn to be a little easier on ourselves and not completing Dry January definitely falls into this category!

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With this in mind we reckon you're going to LOVE this amazing life hack...involving wine no less!

We all know times are tight at this time of year and to compensate for this we might be spending a little less on our weekly shop. 

Cutting corners when it comes to purchasing a bottle of vino though can come at a price...and we all know how horrible a nasty, cheap glass or red or white can be to drink. 

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Luckily we've discovered a crafty trick to improve matters and stop below-par alcohol catching in your throat. 

Microsoft's former chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold told the 'Wall Street Journal' that adding a pinch of salt  can help balance out an overly sweet vino. 

So if your beverage isn't savoury enough then this might just be the perfect solution!