There's A Secret Greggs WhatsApp Offering FREE Food That You NEED To Be In!

Here's how you can become one Gregg's pasty elite members.

Greggs Pasty Bakers

If you're a Greggs fan, then you might be shocked to know that the high-street bakery is selecting a chosen few to sample their pasties for FREE.

The lucky pasty-lovers are invited to be part of an exclusive WhatsApp group where they'll be in the know when it comes to competitions, prizes and see exclusive content.

The Newcastle-born bakers tweeted about the members only club earlier today, telling fans how they could secure a place in the group.

Of course, the main focus of the group is leading up to the Christmas season and their champion seasonal product, the Festive Bake, which goes on sale from November 8.

The group chat is named Festive Bake Lovers and has limited places.

However, if you want a place in the group you'll have to get in there quick, as a spokesperson from Greggs told there was only room for around 100 spots in the group left.

Although anyone can message their name to the number – 07759325409  – this doesn’t automatically guarantee you entry.

However, if you do get let behind the red rope and are initiated into the VIP WhatsApp group, there are a few rules to follow. 

Greggs said: "To keep everything fun and festive, we’ve got a few house rules. No spam, just turkey and ham please.

"Send plenty of pictures of those lovely festive bakes. Be polite to other people in the group. Leave the squabbling for family gatherings. No abuse, racism, sexism or homophobia or lack of belief in Santa.

"No inappropriate content – no one wants to see or hear about your “yule log”.