You May Never Need To Worry About Noisy Sweet Packets In The Cinema EVER Again!

Apparently, having somebody eating a noisy snack next to you at the theatre is more annoying than a mobile phone going off. So this company have created sound-free snacks!

Noisy Cinema and Theatre Snacks

There are few things more annoying than somebody rustling a bag of crisps loudly in the cinema or theatre.

In fact a whopping 54% of Brits said they found noisy eating habits at the theatre the most annoying thing when trying to watch a show.

But no cinema trip is complete without popcorn, right?

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So thankfully a London based ticket company called TodayTix have joined with food company, Teatime productions, to invent a range of 'silent snacks' so you can munch away without annoying those in the seats next to you.

The range includes Silent Slices which are crisps made from dried pears, Quiet(Pop)corn and Muffled Truffles.

TodayTix Silent Snacks

Although it's not just the food that's hushed, but the packaging too!

The company has opted for silicone and soft fabrics as opposed to crinkly foil packaging that snacks often come in and are at the root of a lot of snack related noise.

However if you're a traditional snack lover these might not be for you! When it comes to noise reduction, they certainly do the trick but are a big stretch healthier than your normal theatre treat and include natural ingredients such as almond butter, dates and coconut nectar rather than good old fashioned milk chocolate.

I think we might risk the wrath of our neighbour and stick to crisps and popcorn instead!