Skinny Prosecco With Fewer Calories And Half The Sugar? Yes Please!

Thomson & Scott's skinny prosecco was launched earlier this year. It has half the sugar content, fewer calories and has already made it on to the menu at Zizzi.

Skinny Prosecco With Fewer Calories And Half The S

There is nothing the British public like more that settling down with a glass of chilled prosecco. Actually, it turns out there is: a glass of chilled prosecco with HALF the sugar. 

Thanks to the genius' over at luxury booze specialist Thomson & Scott, skinny prosecco was launched earlier this year in a number of swanky department stores including Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Brown Thomas. 

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And it's proved so popular that it's now coming to supermarkets up and and down the country in time for 2017. It's already made it's way on to the menu at high street chain restaurants, Zizzi. 

The slimfizz is 100% organic and suitable for vegans. It contains only 7g of sugar per litre compared to the 12-15g typically found in a litre of ordinary prosecco. 

And as if things couldn't get any better, each glass contains only 67 calories a glass compared to 80 calories of your bog standard fizz. 

However, a bottle of the stuff will set you back around £17.99 a bottle - around twice the price of your average bottle of plonk. 

But it's all in the taste... Tasting notes describe it as "light and refreshing with floral and apple aromas on the nose. The palate is fresh, lively, and fruity with great acidity and notes of green apple, golden apple, honeydew melon, and pear."

You know what, we'll take one for the team and give it a go. We think we've found our favourite health drink.*

*Not a health drink