Mouths Will Water At Starbucks Two Delicious New Drinks Flavours

It's time to step up to the (cold) bar, as one of our favourite cafe's launches not one, but TWO fresh new drinks conversations.

Starbucks cold brew drinks

We all know the feeling. It's summer and you're dyinggggg for your morning coffee (tea just won't cut it today) but the sun is out in full force and certainly doesn't look like it'll be relenting for the rest of the day.

Let's face it, you'd run to the nearest ice cream van, order a Mr Whippy and be done with it if you could, but then you remember that you have got that holiday to Majorca coming up in a week's the look your psycho boss would give you if you walked into the office cone in hand, just doesn't bear thinking about. 

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So when we heard that Starbucks are launching two gorgeous new iced drinks for the warmer months, we felt like doing a little dance at our desks.

Yes people, the Nitro Cold Brew and the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew have landed. 

To break it down, if you like Starbucks' classic cold brew, then you'll simply adore the Vanilla Sweet Cold Cream, which tops this off with yummy vanilla goodness.

The Nitro Cold Brew however, infuses Cold Bew coffee with Nitrogen. Yep, we really said that. 

What's more, the nitrogen creates little bubbles in the coffee which makes it smooth like a draught beer. Coffee that's like beer we hear you ask? Where do we sign up? 

Now all we need is the thermometer to increase by a few degrees (or more) and we're all set!