You'll Never Guess How Much Sugar Your Kid's REALLY Eating

New research suggests that children are eating four times their daily sugar limit, due to some surprising food on your shopping list...

Sugar in food

Kids as young as five are eating up FOUR TIMES their daily intake of sugar, by gorging on a range of sugar treats.

While known culprits such as chocolate, sweets and fizzy pop are still the main culprit, drinks such as fruit juices and smoothies contain as much as 15% sugar, which is more than the amount found in cakes, buns, sponges and puddings. 

The revelations comes as a new study of English schoolchildren found that kids as young as five are consuming on average 75g of sugar a day, that's NINETEEN tablespoons!

Researcher Peymane Adab, professor of public health at Birmingham University, claims that ill education leads to some BIG errors when it comes to judging what's actually healthy. 

He claims that weight for weight, the sugar in fruit juices and smoothies are just as bad for the body as fizzy pop and it's wrong to assume that they are the healthier option just because they contain fruit.

The study, which was presented at the European Obesity Summit, also showed that other sugary culprits come from breakfast foods such as sugary cereals, muesli bars and sweet spreads on toast.

Together breakfast treats accounted for approximately 7 percent of the daily sugar tally.

The research comes amid growing concern about child obesity Britain, especially seeing as previous research revealed that the average five-year-old eats their own weight in sugar a year.