Kale Smoothie anyone? What It Really Takes To Be A Team GB Olympic Athlete

Forget everything you think you know about commitment, dedication and hard work...Team GB literally knock everyone out the park!

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No matter the discipline, Team GB Olympic athletes have one thing in common...they all live and breathe their sport! 

Think you know what it takes to be a star athlete? Here are some of the ways you'd have to change your life overnight in order to reach the Rio Olympics. 

Hint: It's insanely hard work!

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Hit the gym for two and a half hours...EVERY DAY!

Team GB sprinter and world-record breaker, Dina Asher-Smith, trains for hours every day, while show jumper Jessica Mendoza rides five horses before lunchtime! Whether they're swimming, pole-vaulting or playing hockey, you can guarantee every Team GB star is hard at work honing their skills. 

Plus, all the medical and physio time

With such intense training every day of the week, Team GB stars have to be protective over their bodies. Regular doctor's appointments and physio appointments ensure they don't do any damage ahead of the Olympic Games. Of course, this also means more time away from their friends and families. 

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You'll need to cut back on socialising 

Swimmer Jazz Carlin admits that she's missed out on friends' weddings because of her training regime. In fact, most Team GB athletes have to make big sacrifices, which means no pizza and beers down the pub on a Saturday night. Plus, many Team GB stars are still teenagers, which means trying to fit their school work around trips to the gym...can you imagine the stress!

Your eating will be precise and planned 

Forget about a cheeky Nandos! When it comes to being an Olympic star, your body needs to be a well-oiled machine, which means healthy, nutritious food, lots of water, lots of sleep and plenty of greens. Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill is a fan of porridge, which offers slow release energy, as well as vitamin C and fish oil supplements to help with muscle repair. 

Oh, and did we mention a glass of wine is soooo not allowed! 

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Dating will be tricky...

You'd need Hermione's Time Turner from 'Harry Potter' to squeeze in a Tinder date. With so much time taken up with exercise, medical appointments, regular meals and sleep, you'll have to put your romantic side on hold for a while...unless you can find yourself a sexy fellow Olympian that is!

You'll need to handle the pressure too

Imagine striding into the Olympic arena and seeing thousands of faces screaming, waving flags and cheering...exciting but terrifying! The pressure to succeed and make everyone proud is a lot to handle, which is why Team GB athletes are just as fit mentally as they are physically. Three words. Nerves. Of. Steel. 

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Now you're a role model! 

Finally, if you want to be a Team GB Olympian you're going to have to stand up and be a role model. With thousands of children being introduced to sports they've never even heard of thanks to the Olympics, it's essential that they're inspired. Just look at the amazing Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Bradley Wiggins, Dame Kelly Holmes and Sir Steve Redgrave. 

Come on, admit it, Team GB athletes aren't just brilliant, they're superheroes!! 


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Would you have what it takes to be an athlete? Let us know below...

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