The Gothic Bagel Burger Is Here And It's As Dark As It Sounds

Move over rainbow bagel and make way for the gothic bagel burger.

gothic burger

It's time for us to come to terms with the fact that tasting the rainbow always really belonged to Skittles and that the rainbow bagel was never really our thing. 

Now we must welcome the gothic bagel burger with open arms and thick, black eyeliner and lipstick. 

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From the creators of the rainbow bagel, The Bagel Store who have collaborated with restaurant chain Black Tap, to create this dark limited edition burger. 

The sinister black and white bagel gets its colour from black sesame seeds, black sea salt, truffle essence and pepper. 

And as if that didn't settle the hunger in your cold hearts, sandwiched between the bagel is a beef burger topped with bacon, egg, chees and truffle mayo. 

Unfortunately, the bagel burger is only available in the Black Tap's store in Manhatten for one weekend only. This means that the lucky ones amongst us who happened to be in the Big Apple right now, please try one for us! 

And maybe if we show them enough love, they'll bring them out for good...

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