The Nation's Favourite Quality Street Has OFFICIALLY Been Revealed!

It's that chocolate filled box of joy that comes out of the cupboard each Christmas, but what Quality Street is the UK's fave?

Nation's Favourite Quality Street Revealed

Quality Street means Christmas!

Not a festive season goes by without somebody we all know grabbing the purple box, tub or tin from the cupboard and filling up the bottomless sweet bowl in the living room.

It's also been much debated as to what is the most popular choice in the box, so now Quality Street themselves have decided to set the record straight and find out what the nation's favourite is!

Drumroll please...

And the winner is...The Purple One!

The Purple One Quality Street

The sweet that toped the list is the hazelnut covered in chocolate and according to the survey is adored by around 1 in 5 people and is most popular overwhelmingly in Northern Ireland.

Here's the results of the rest of the top five...

2nd - Strawberry Delight

3rd - Green Triangle

4th - Orange Creme

5th - Caramel Swirl

As well as finding out what the most popular choice was, Quality Street revealed what you can tell about somebody's favourite chocolate treat.

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Apparently, lovers of the Green Triangle are out like to be found in the PJ's all Christmas Day but those who favour the Milk Choc Block prefer to don a festive jumper on the 25th.

What Does Your Favourite Quality Street Say About

Who knew our favourite Quality Streets could be so revealing!