These Fizzy Pop Bottles Aren't What They Look Like...

Cake fizzy pop bottles

Not all is as meets the eye... especially when it comes to these fizzy pop bottles. 

There is no way you'll be able to drink from these bottles as all three of them are actually cakes! 

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Baked by Australian cake-extraordinaire Andres Fatso, this bottle of Sprite, Fanta and Coca-Cola are actually just elaborate layered cakes - and they totally had us fooled! 

To make these scrumptious looking desserts, Andres bakes the layers seperately and then makes the outside chocolate layer in molds made by cutting the pop bottle in half. That's how she gets the texture just perfect.

Although the flavours are something you might have to get your head around... The taste matches the colour of the bottles, not the actual drinks themselves! 

So the Coke bottle is made from Nutella, the Sprite is made from matcha green tea flavour and the Fanta is made with Reese's. 


Making a mess this morning with some reeces peanutbutter cups and cake Fanta cake. Nom nom nom for a sweet morning

A photo posted by Andres Fatso (@bakedbyandres) onAug 8, 2016 at 2:40pm PDT

The entire bottle is edible - except for the label - and takes Andres sometimes up to six hours to create. Her creations look fantastic but if we gave it ago, we're not sure that we'd be able to cut into it and eat it. Not after all of that effort!