This Chocolate Bar Is About To Make The Comeback Of The Decade

There's been a Tiffin shaped hole in our lives for around 13 years and it's time Cadbury's did something about it!

Cadbury's Tiffin chocolate bar Dairy Milk

Biscuit and raisin lovers rejoice! For one of our favourite chocolate bars is returning to our shelves after a seriously long break. 

Cadbury's iconic Tiffin bar, which was originally launched way back in 1937 will be returning to a supermarket near you next month. 

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The last time we saw Tiffin's on our shelves was 2003, so fans of the tasty treat will be thrilled to hear the retro bar is coming back after a Facebook campaign to revive it gathered momentum. 

Plus, more great news for those of you with a sweet tooth. Mojo sweets are relaunching their delicious cola-flavoured chews. 

A spokesperson at Tangerine Confectionary says summed up all our feelings when they stated: "The retro chew will bring back nostalgic memories for many."

If you can't wait until June, then why not try and make your own real Tiffin's at home with the help of this brilliant Youtube video guide:

After this, we'll all be star bakers in no time!