Drinking Coffee Will Never Be The Same When THIS Coffee Branch Lands In the U.K!

Move over Costa, there's another brunch set to satisfy our coffee and doughnut cravings.

Tim Hortons Canvas

Anyone who is a fan of coffee and scrumptious little doughnut balls NEEDS Tim Horton in their life.

If you somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to the world's biggest coffee chains, then you you'll probably know why Tim Horton's opening up a U.K branch is a pretty big deal, but if you're not so savvy then listen close.

The famed coffee shop is basically the Starbucks of Canada and sells a variety of mouthwatering treats, most notably the Iced Capp ( a blend of icy coffee goodness!) hot breakfast sarnies and doughnuts.

Oh and let's not forget the TIMBITS.

What's a Timbit you ask?

Oh, they a glorious little bites of heaven.  

The fluffy doughnut bites are covered in sugar, and come in a range of flavours such as honey, chocolate glazed, apple fritter, and raspberry just to name a few, and it's a party in your mouth to say the least.

Restaurant Brands International, which runs Tim Hortons in Canada, announced this week that they plan to launch Tim Hortons coffee and doughnut shops around Great Britain, as part of their global expansion plans.

The exciting move comes as they team up with a mysterious UK investor, although they haven't revealed who just yet.

There's no word yet as to just how many locations will be blessed with a branch of Tim Hortons, but the company have confirmed they will be opening up stores in England, Scotland and Wales.

We're not even sure when these stores will open but that hasn't stopped Twitter getting excited about it!