Fans Are FUMING At Toblerone's Brand New Shape!

Hot on the heels of the news that Terry's Chocolate Orange is shrinking, now comes another scandal just in time to ruin our Christmas! EUGH!

Toblerone new shape of chocolate bar

Stop press! Because the people at Toblerone have just dropped some sensational news!

The chocolate makers have changed the shape of their iconic triangular shaped treat and people aren't happy about it! 

The company released a public statement on their Facebook, explaining that they are making their delicious bars smaller, due to increased ingredient costs:


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The changes mean that their 400g bar will be reduced to 360g and their 170g bars will be reduced to 150g, despite the fact that they will continue to cost the same amount. 

Fans have been taking to Social Media to air their distress at the new shape. 

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The complaints are coming thick and fast as people realise that their classic, beloved chocolate bar is changing for good and there's nothing they can do about it...


Man, this is the last thing we needed this festive period!