The Great British Biscuit Airlift Saves The Day!

There's not doubt about it, the ongoing cookie shortage has been hard to digestive...but help is on the way!


It's been a difficult time for the people of Great Britain - after the terrible floods at the United Biscuits factory in Carlisle, we've been suffering a lower circulation of our favourite sweet snacks than usual. 

However, help is on the way! 

Dunkers across the land can finally relax as two emergency planes loaded with our favourite biscuits landed in the UK.

The Emirates Boeing 777s brought the much needed supplies to Doncaster and will hopefully be distributed across the nation soon!

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Original story:

People of Britain, don’t be alarmed but we are in the midst of a biscuit drought. Yep, Britain is in the grip of a 'biscuit shortage' after a flooding at the McVitie's factory, causing dark days ahead for biscuit lovers.

And there's nothing quite like a shortage of biscuits to cause widespread panic among up Brits. What will we dip in our tea now?!

Many of Britain's best-loved biscuits remain absent from shop shelves after floods forced the closure of the United Biscuits factory in Carlisle in December.

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The factory produces numerous well-known brands of biscuit, including McVitie's ginger nuts and Crawford's custard creams.

And if that's not enough bad news - this factory also houses Jacob's. That's right - no more cheese and crackers for us...

Okay, now you can PANIC!!!

Production of some lines has now restarted, but United Biscuits has said it could take "several months" until things get back to normal. NOOOOOOO!

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"Due to floods in Carlisle we are experiencing a shortage of a number products under the McVitie's, Jacob's, Carr's and Crawford's brands," the firm said in a statement last month. "We apologise if consumers are finding it difficult to get hold of some of these products and we are working hard at our Carlisle site to resume normal service as soon as possible."

That's a bit rich (tea).

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