The UK's Favourite Pizza Has Been Revealed And We Weren't Expecting This!

A recent poll has uncovered the UK's favourite pizza topping, and we weren't expecting this to come up top!

Nation's Favourite Pizza

When the President of Iceland made the bold statement that he wanted to ban ham and pineapple pizza's on a visit to a school a few weeks ago, the nation was thrown into the heat of debate.

But now that debate seems to have been settled thanks to a VERY important poll carried out by YouGov - which pizza topping is preferred by the UK.

Drumroll please.......


Yes mushrooms. 

Out of all of the pizza toppings in existence, the largest percentage of the nation chose mushrooms as their favourite with 65% of the vote.

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Pineapple came in the top ten with 42% of the vote and ham came in second place with 61% of the vote.

Here's the lowdown on the top 10 toppings that the UK prefer...

UK's Favourite Pizza Toppings

Do you agree with those choices? Let us know what you think below!