THESE Are The Unhealthiest Breakfasts On The High Street

You might want to rethink your breakfast-on-the-go...

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It's hard work being a modern day Superman, what with getting the kids to school on time, making sure you've fed the dog and getting to work on time, all before 9am. Sometimes it's easier to grab breakfast on the way. 

However, after you've looked at the results of this new study you might want to rethink breakfast en route. 

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High Street Chain Breakfasts: How Unhealthy Can Th

Have you ever thought to treat yourself with a large Weatherspoons breakfast? Well if you have, you would've consumed more than double your daily intake of saturated fat, exceeded your recommended daily salt allowance by 300% and you would have consumed 1531 calories - two thirds of your daily allowance. 

The study by called High Street Chain Breakfasts: How Unhealthy Can They Be?, also found that grabbing an Almond croissant from Starbucks could also set you back over 500 calories. 

High Street Chain Breakfasts: How Unhealthy Can Th

While Harvester's Belgian waffles, with 'maple flavour syrup', is the highest for sugar – it contains a huge 77.4g, over double what adults should consume a day. 

The research recommends that the best option is to make breakfast ourselves at home. It says: "When we make breakfast at home, we can control the amount of salt, cooking fat and sugar we add, whereas when we eat out, we can’t.

High Street Chain Breakfasts: How Unhealthy Can Th

'So it stands to reason that the healthiest option is to get up early and put the time in preparing our own breakfast.

"Eggs, fruit, natural yoghurt, salmon, porridge, nuts and high fibre cereal are all examples of breakfast components which can form an essential part of a healthy diet."

High Street Chain Breakfasts: How Unhealthy Can Th

Of course it goes without saying that things in moderation s okay, but you might not want to tuck in to a Starbucks cheddar and mushroom croissant everyday of the week!