We're Willing To Bet You've Never Used An OXO Cube Correctly In Your Life

Prepare for a revelation! Because you been using these little flavouring squares wrong your whole life...

It's a staple of any British family dinner and it's iconic packaging is recognised the national over, but we're about to rock your world!

Okay, so we're going to try break it to you gently...but it turns out, you've probably been opening these little red and silver packets incorrectly all your life.

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We're used to shredding these tricky little cubes and getting those brown granules EVERYWHERE, not to mention leaving that strong beefy-smell all over our fingers...

However, all this time and unbeknownst to most of us, there's always been a simpler option! 

Rather than opening the packet and and getting OXO all over your fingers, you SQUASH it, before tearing the cube and pouring it out - easy!

Oxo Cubes used all wrong

It's brilliant! The cube magically transforms into a flat packet, which you can simply tear and pour neatly into your pot. 

Check it out!


Mind blown....Picture credit to Kasie Riley.

Posted by Mums advice on Tuesday, 8 March 2016


You're clearly loving the new tip... Facebook user Sharon Longstaff wrote: "So the Oxo adverts showed us wrong?!! I remember the lady taking the cube and crumbling it in her fingers.....mind you I just got an Oxo cube out and tried it - I'm converted!"


Whilst Leslie Smith adds: You have got to be kidding me!! I've peeled foil off hundreds of these and I didn't know this..... OMG, I just tried it and it worked! I'm gonna be making gravy tomorrow!."

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Watch Youtube user Michaela Jane Clare's great little home video: 

Well that's it, we're off to cook a roast right now. See you at the dinner table!