Vegans Have Started Calling Their Cheese 'Gary' For THIS Bizarre Reason

Yes, we know this story is as kooky as it sounds...

Vegans Have Started Calling Their Cheese 'Gary' Fo

Veganism isn't for everyone: your strength knows no limits if you are amongst those who have the will-power to cut dairy and meat out of your diet. 

And if you are vegan, you'll know that it's a godsend that food such as vegan cheese and soy goodies exist, just to mix things up a little. 

However, vegans have started calling all of their cheeses 'Gary' after this non-vegan's epic Facebook rant. 

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"As a real cheese fan myself it's really annoyed me that Sainsbury's have brought out a "Vegan Cheese" made with COCONUTS. CHEESE IS NOT MADE WITH COCONUTS. "CHEESE," the woman wrote. "If you're going to be a vegan cheese BECAUSE IT'S NOT CHEESE!!!!!!

"Call it Gary or something don't call it Cheese because IT'S NOT CHEESE!!!!!!"

The outraged woman goes as far as to un-invite all vegans to her infamous cheese and wine nights. 

She wrote: "Don't come to my Cheese and Wine parties if you're going to eat COCONUT CHEESE."

Ouch. Taking on board the woman's unhelpful suggestion that vegans should call their cheese "Gary or something", the offended vegans retaliated in the way the internet does it best: they circulated this meme amongst their Facebook pages. 


And there's even a petition circulating to get the name officially changed. 

Vegans UNITE!