Short Stories On Wine Bottle Labels Are The Ultimate Relaxation Technique

A bottle of wine and a good book is the perfect recipe for relaxation right?

Woman drinking Librottiglia wine

We all love to kick back and unwind after a long day.

Whether your boss has been driving you bonkers with ridiculous deadlines all day, or the kids have just been impossible to put down after a hectic bath time, there's nothing like snuggling up on the sofa and letting your mind wander elsewhere.

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You've popped your slippers on, poured yourself a glass of Vino and you're all set to go... when disaster strikes!

Your Kindle's out of battery and you've left your best-seller in your desk draw. 

Well thank GOODNESS wine company Librottiglia have thought of an ingenious solution! 

Man reading short stories on a bottle of wine | Picture: Reverse Innovations

The smart brand has realised the conundrum that unexpectedly strikes us all so often and turned their wine bottle labels into short stories. 

There are three different stories to peruse to your heart's content. 

Reading and drinking - what more could you want!

As if we needed another excuse right? ;)