Calling All Dieters! You Can Eat This Carb And NOT Gain Weight

We've been dieting wrong all this time!

Mary-Kate and pasta

Everyone knows that when you're thinking about trying to loose some of those extra pounds, carbs are the first things to go. Potatoes, bread and pasta? No, thank you. 

But what if we've been wrong all of this time? What if cutting out the carbohydrates actually helps us put on weight?

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According to new research, one type of carbohydrates won't make you gain weight - and in fact could help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Unripe bananas, whole grains, beans, white rice and even pasta are all part of a group of 'resistant starch' which means that they take longer to digest than other carbs, TIME magazine reported. 

These type of resistant carbs are turned into fatty acids in your stomach, they're then absorbed quickly by the body and turned into energy.

These are different to the carbohydrates in white bread where the calories are stored, rather than burned off. 

Cooked and cooled down rice and pasta also surprisingly falls into that category too. RESULT!

And what's better is that when you eat this resistant starch you feel fuller faster and won't want to eat so much. 

If you need us, you'll find us in the pasta aisle...