You Have Been Cutting Pizza Wrong Your Whole Life!

Triangle slices? Think again! There's a much more efficient way to cut your pizza...

you've been eating pizza wrong your whole life

The mathematics department at the University of Liverpool have been doing some pretty out of the ordinary research compared to their normal sums.

After lots of experimenting and trial and error, the maths wizards found that cutting a pizza into the usual triangle slices isn't the most efficient way.

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Instead, it's far better to cut your pizza into CURVED TRIANGLES for equal sized slices.

That's according to PhD student Dr Joel Haddley whose findings have been based on a maths theory called 'monohedral disc tiling' - I think we'll leave the theory to the smart guys and get on with the eating instead!

you've been cutting pizza wrong your whole life

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The method means you get twelve precisely equal slices, but sadly not all of them have crust which could make for a messy scenario. 

Who's going to let traditional Italian pizzerias know the news that triangle slices are so yesterday? 

They might be less than impressed!