This Ridiculously Cheap Bottle Of Wine Has Been Voted Best In The World!

Put your wallets away people, we repeat PUT YOUR WALLETS AWAY.

Malbec red wine with rosette

Oh happy, happy day! Yes, booze hounds rejoice... because we've got some very good news for you indeed. 

No longer does hosting a dinner party mean having to break the bank in order to impress your guests. 

Because you can now wow even the fussiest friend with the world's best vino poured straight into their waiting glass. 

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What marvels we hear you cry?! 

Well the bottle in question is in fact the 'Chilean La Moneda Reserva Malbec', which was judged the best single-varietal red under £15 at the Decanter World Wine Awards. 

"So what" you say? "We rarely spend over fifteen quid on a bottle of rouge anyway." Ahh but this particular delight doesn't even come close to that amount. 

The alcoholic beverage usually retails at £5.76, but is currently on offer in ASDA for a minuscule £4.37!

A bottle of red Malbec wine

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The expert sommeliers commended the drink for its gorgeous flavours of "freshly crushed black fruit, creamy vanilla yoghurt and pepper spice". 

Meanwhile, other winners at the 2016 International Wine Challenge last month that won't burn a hole in your pocket include:

Sainsbury's 'Winemakers' Selection Muscatel de Valencia' £5

Aldi's 'The Exquisite Collection Hunter Valley Semillon £6.99

Morrison's 'Signature Oloroso Dry' sherry £6 and 'Signature Pedro Ximenez', for the same price

Tescos finest 'Dessert Semillon' £6

The Co-opterative's 'Truly Irresistible Fiano £6.99

ASDA's 'Extra Special El Meson Gran Reserva 2010 Rioja £9.98

Let the bottles flow then!