The Nokia 3310 Is COMING BACK So iPhones Can Stick It!

Our most beloved item from the noughties is set to get a reinvention!

Nokia comeback canvas

If you remember playing 'Snake' and trying to squeeze all your text messages in just a few characters, then you'll be happy to know that the 3310 could be making a comeback.

Yep, our much-loved brick phone could be making a reappearance on the market, as Nokia are set to relaunch the MUST-HAVE mobile from the noughties.

Anyone who had one knows just how reliable they were; it might have taken a whole day to charge but the battery pretty much lasted about a week!

Now it's reported that Nokia are due to make an announcement at a Mobile World Congress later this month. 

The memorable phone was first released in 2000 and is predicted to make a comeback once again, at the cheap price of €59.

Although there are a few 3310s still in existence and able to be bought on the internet, it can’t be bought directly from the company currently.

Nokia sales have suffered in recent years, and while they have tried to launch new models in the past they have more success when they launch new versions of old models. 

Every finger crossed that this new is true!