New fashion website to rival Ebay specialises in genuine designer sales only

Ebay has kept the auction site crown for several years now, but that crown may soon be snatched from under their nose.

Whilst there are some bargains to be found on Ebay, the website has been criticized for its high fees to sellers and for the amount of fake designer items that still appear on the site, despite Ebay's no tolerance policy on counterfeit goods.

Hardlyeverwornit founder Sharon Walter-Ferguson realised there was a gap in the market when she tried to sell her extensive designer wardrobe but couldn't find a site that she could trust and where she could get the fair price for her fashion collection.

Walter-Ferguson decided to start her own auction site, where both buyers can be sure the items they buy are authentic and sellers can get a fair price for their items.

All items are checked by the Hardlyeverwornit team, to give buyers the peace of mind to buy with confidence. They also offer a VIP service where they go to the seller's home and help them decide which clothes to sell, take photos and list the items for them. have also teamed up with ethical fashion site, where items are labelled with Positive Luxury's icon blue butterfly logo. When clicking to the logo, the items environmental and social credentials are displayed on screen, making it simply to shop ethically.

What's more, Positive Luxury's registered users can bid on items three days before they are available on the

Ebay, watch your back!

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