Supermarket School Uniform Wars!

The back-to-school price wars have begun, but who is delivering this year's best bargain?

Kitting the kids out for the next school term is often a worry on our minds.

Not only is there the hassle of traipsing round the shops, but there's also the financial burden this can often bring.

However, if you're a cash-conscious parent, it's good to know that there's plenty of ways you can bag a bargain if you keep your ears to the ground and know where to look!

We've scanned out the best deals, so you don't have to, and this year savvy parents are in luck yet again, as Aldi manage to undercut rival Asda for the second year in a row. 

In fact, you can nab the full school uniform for an incredible £4. (Yes really!)

The store is managing to do one better than all their British rivals Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco – who are selling the clothing sets for almost double the price – the German store is offering two polo shirts, a sweatshirt and trousers or a skirt for less than a fiver as part of their discounted range.

And if your children are the kind that grow at a crazy rate or just happen to spill their school dinner down themselves every. single. day, there's more good news to follow as you can also buy the primary essentials separately for small change! 

 Aldi School Uniform Price Chart


The round-neck sweater will set you back a tiny £1.25, a double pack of polo shirts are being price-marked at £1.25 too and the skirt of trousers come in at £1.50 so stocking up on back-ups won't hurt your purse either.

So, when are these back-to-school godsend available? You can buy Aldi's money-saving uniform from today! 

We'll see you at the checkout…