Your Complete Snow Survival Guide

As Britain braces itself for snow, your winter weather bible has finally arrived. From safeguarding your home and servicing your boiler to giving your skin some serious tlc, read our foolproof tips, tricks and life-hacks to save you money, protect your family and feel fabulous during the chilly season.



As Britain braces itself for snow, winter-proof your life with our handy tips and tricks! 

Hold Tight: Crazy Winds Bring Chaos In A Way No-One Predicted!

Safeguard Your Home

Bleeding radiators should be part of your yearly household routine. If yours aren't heating up properly - warming up at the bottom but staying cold on top - this means there's air in the radiator. 

Fixing this problem is quick and easy. Make sure the radiators are off then put the key (which you can purchase from any DIY shop) in the square valve at the top of the radiator. Hold a cloth underneath it and turn the key anti-clockwise. You should hear the air coming out and when the water starts to drip out it's time to turn the key clockwise and tighten. All done!

Home interior

Banish the breeze in your house this winter by sealing gaps and cracks in your walls and foundation. Stop cold air sneaking in by buying foam and caulk to insulate your home. Expanding fillers are great for larger holes – once it's filled you can sand and paint it for a smooth finish - and around windows and doors try the silicone caulk. Your family will stay snug with a few nips and tucks here and there!

Take Care Of Your Car

There's nothing worse than breaking down on a cold winter's eve in the frost and sleet with no idea what to do! So to avoid your car going to pot in the freezing climate, take note of these tips, courtesy of the AA. 

Cars in snow

"To stop the battery from dying, turn the heater fan down and switch the heated rear window off once windows are clear. If the car stands idle most of the weekend a regular overnight trickle charge is a good idea to give the battery a chance to revive. 

Turn off non-essential electrical loads like lights, rear screen heater and wipers before trying to start the engine. Use the starter in short five-second bursts if the engine doesn't start quickly, leaving thirty seconds between attempts to allow the battery to recover.

"Be careful when it comes to tyres! We recommend at least 3mm of tread for winter motoring, and certainly no less than 2mm. Use a cigarette lighter to warm a key for a frozen lock. 

Don't breathe on the lock, as the moisture will condense and freeze and lastly, gentle manoeuvres are the key to safe driving - stopping distances are 10 times longer in ice and snow."

Look Lovely In Layers

When it comes to weekend dressing in the chilly months, layering is absolutely key, but if you're concerned about feeling or looking chunkier than you are then steer clear of oversized knits. Go for light layers - three thin tops are more flattering than one huge jumper. Plus, to stay extra warm, go for natural fabrics such as cotton tops, sheepskin coats and wool sweaters. You'll be toasty from December through till March! 

Winter Shopping

Be A Seasonal Fashion Queen


Whether you're on the hunt for an amazing glitzy dress or just want a few tips on how to dress for the cold snap, we can help with one need-to-know tip - dress for your shape! 

From skater dresses that accentuate your waist, pencil skirts that skim over your hips or shapewear that nips in those pesky untoned places, always have your body at the front of your mind. 

Get A Winter Glow

If you’re not already exfoliating, you need to start now because this simple beauty treatment is one of the easiest ways to free your best, most beautiful skin.

It not only removes dead cells which harbour dirt and cause break-outs but it also gets rid of the rough, dry patches that pile up and result in clogged pores. Don’t get scrub happy though or you could do some damage. Limit your exfoliation to once a week to achieve that desirable A-list glow. 

Spend some time working out what your skin is thirsty for. If you’re prone to dryness, try a rich night cream that will hydrate your face overnight. If bags and wrinkles are more of a worry, we suggest an eye oil or cream to target the specific area that concerns you. 

If it’s a quick refresh, invest in an enriching mist to give you an instant dewy boost. Whatever your complexion is craving, take note and stock up on some beauty buys to satisfy your skin.

Banish Winter Blues

It’s an age old lesson that you should learn to love yourself, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder - can hit. 

It's easy to get down in the dumps but why not take the New Year low and twist it into a positive few months! Shifting your mental attitude might sound like a huge task, but tackling a ‘glass half empty’ mind-set can be done by using a few small techniques each day. 

Add to this a sprinkling of exercise, a few evenings of pampering and some positive affirmations and you'll feel like a new woman.

Happy Monday written in the snow