Suffolk Business Club


Thank you for joining us at our first ever Suffolk Business Club.

We really hope you got something out of the session – meeting other business owners and hopefully taking away a few ideas from our guest presenters Charles Ubaghs, Johannes Ahrenfelt & Pip Cartwight.

As promised here are some of the key pieces of information from their presentations including links and videos for further information. We would also welcome some feedback about the event.

Social Media: Charles Ubaghs, Global Radio - Social Media Editor


Everything you need to know about Facebook pages (PDF)


Summary of Edge Ranking and how it works

Facebook adverts  

Twitter essentials: (a handy tutorial for new starters) 

Additional references: 
E-consultancy Daily Pulse – excellent daily round-up of key digital and social developments

99SQUARED Ltd: Johannes Ahrenfelt and Pip Cartwright

Can you afford to ignore mobile e-commerce?

  • 50% of UK mobile consumers use smartphones
  • By 2013, more consumers will buy online via their mobile than on their desktop
  • More brands are using QR codes to connect people to websites
  • 70% of people are more likely to remember an advertisement with a QR code