Stowmarket: Chemical Spillage Update

13 January 2012, 06:16

Fire crews in Suffolk have managed to contain a chemical spillage at a factory in Stowmarket.

They were called out at around 2pm on Thursday to the PPG factory on Needham Road.

A cleaning solvent had got out, and crews had to cover an area half the size of a football pitch with a special foam to stop any potentially flammable gases getting out.

Ian Bowell, Group Commander, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service said:

'This incident has been contained on site thanks to the work of the on site staff at PPG and Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service. During the incident we have worked closely with the Environment Agency and are pleased to say that all internal drainage systems have done their job containing any contaminated water on site for removal at a later date. Once again we would like to thank all involved for their co-operation during this prolonged and at times complex incident.'

They finished their operation after 10pm on Thursday night.