Body Sculpting Surgery

Tummy tuck or abdominal surgery - If you have been left with loose layers of fat and skin after having a baby, after dramatic weight loss or after weight loss surgery, you may benefit from an abdominoplasty – (tummy tuck).
The results can be dramatic, helping you to regain your former confidence and boost your self-esteem. You may even find that any stretch marks you had are reduced too.

Liposuction - If you are a normal body weight but find you have stubborn areas of fat, liposuction offers a solution. It removes actual fat cells, resulting in a real improvement in your body shape – in just those areas where your diet and exercise programmes no longer work. Areas where you can have treatment include the stomach, thighs, inside of the knees, ankles, upper arms, neck and back.

Arm, Thigh and Body Lift - These operations are especially beneficial after dramatic weight loss and may be performed with a total body lift. They will reduce the amount of loose skin and give a firmer, thinner and more youthful appearance.

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