Southern Rail Work Experience Boy Hit On Twitter

12 July 2017, 06:10

Goes down a storm

A very keen work experience student put in charge of Southern Rail's Twitter account has gone down a storm!

15 year old Eddie introduced himself to thousands of beleaguered passengers with a cheery:

"Hi, Eddie here! Here on Work Experience and ready to answer your questions!"

He was promptly inundated with bizarre queries like

'' Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horse...''

''Shall I have chicken fajitas tonight or chicken thai green curry?''

Another wrote: "URGENT QUESTION - Eddie, would you rather have rollerblades for feet or chopsticks for hands for the rest of your life?"

Commuters also took the chance to poke fun at Southern Rail's service record.

"Oh god Eddie, why are they doing this to you...they're not even paying you. Run, run better than Southern Rail," wrote one Twitter user.

"Will Southern be meeting with Aslef to resolve the overtime ban? Will there be any 'meaningful talks' with the RMT over guard removal?" asked one user, referring to hot topics in the rail industry.

"Don't look directly into the eyes of senior management," cautioned one man, posting the message alongside a gif of the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings film.

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