And The Winner Is.......

Welcome to Thursday!

Today we found out who will be a fitness instructor for the day! Tom, Nic and Jack have been promoting their different fitness styles all week. 

Tom had been championing yoga.
Nicola turned her hand to Box-fit Bootcamp.
And Jack had the pleasure of promoting zumba!
One of them would be heading out today to host a class in the style that they've been championing.
In 3rd place with 14% of the votes........Tom
In 2nd place with 29% of the votes........Nicola
So the winner, with 57% of the votes goes to JACK THE LAD!!!
Today at 10:30 he'll be hosting a Zumba class, complete with funky music and hip jiggling moves!
Don't worry, Tom and Nic will have to join in and of course we will be filming it!!
So, make sure you listen tomorrow to hear how he got on (even though he hasn't prepared anything) and keep an eye out for the video!
Certainly will be an interesting watch seeing Tom shimmying to the tunes of LMFAO!
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