Day 2 Of The Big Swap

It's day 2 of 'The Big Swap'. Tuesday!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Jack dressed as a woman. Yep. But it's all in the name of research. This week, Tom, Nicola and Jack will be experiencing what it's like to be a member of the opposite sex.

Jack dressed up as a lady named 'Jacky' (imaginative ey?). We've set up a makeshift dating agency called 'Heart to Heart'. Jack had a rather fetching photo of himself as Jacky and headed into Worthing to see what the men really thought of her. And here she is...
Here's what they said..
Seems like the last guy was quite interested. If you fancy leaving Jacky a message then feel free to call the number on the poster!
Also on Heart Breakfast Tom played his round of 'Gender Swap mastermind'. On yesterdays show he was given his specialised topic which was Hair and Beauty. He had 24 hours to scrub up on his knowledge. He did quite well actually. He scored a very respectable 5 out of 10!
Tomorrow is Nicola's turn to play her round. She was given her specialised subject this morning which is Premier League Football. How will she get on with her manly football questions? Find out on tomorrow's show!
Who ever scores the worst at the end of the week will face a rather embarrassing task set by Producer Brian!
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