Making Ends Meet....

It's a fresh new week! Welcome to Monday!

This morning Tom, Nicola and Jack revealed that they've got a big work night out on Saturday and they each need to find an outfit. Problem is, like the rest of Sussex and Surrey, they're skint. Spent way too much over Christmas!

So, they've decided to try and earn a little bit of extra cash this week. Then whatever money they get, they'll spend at the charity shop for Saturday night's do.
Jack headed out during the show today to start earning some cash! He popped down to the Longshore pub near to the Shoreham airport roundabout to offer out windscreen washes! Front for £1, back for £1 or both for £1.50. Bargain!
He did pretty well! We'll find out how much he earned on Thursday's show.
Nicola is heading out today to earn her cash! She is going to Brighton Station giving out cuddles. £1 a cuddle! How can you turn that down?!
And tomorrow, Tom will be busking. Seriously. He's heading to Crawley to earn some pounds and pennies through sheer entertainment.
Should make for an interesting week!
We'll find out how Nicola got on giving out cuddles on tomorrow's show!
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