Thursday: Shortest Time In A Job

We asked what is the shortest time that you have spent in a job? Tom was chatting to an old friend last night and they were reminiscing about the time that they walked out of a job in a bucket factory after 2 and half days, as they couldn't stand the monotony of it.

It seems that the people of sussex and Surrey don't even have as much patience as that though!

 - Maz didn't last long in his job peeling bananas in the Body Shop and decided to walk home from Littlehampton to Bognor after just 2 hours.

 - Sharon said "I was so nervous on my first day at a bank, that when I was asked the first question, I was ill all over the floor. Was so embarrassed, they sent me home, I didn't go back."

 - And Kate said she only lasted 2 hours when she was doing cleaning job and got covered in fleas. She left and never went back.

And we asked is chivalry dead? It's after a new survey suggests that the modern woman would rather pay for their own dinner on a 1st date than let the man pay for it.

- Kaz said that she likes a man to be a gentleman on a 1st date, open doors for her and offer to pay for the meal (though she would offer to pay on the 2nd date). 

- Jack thought that they were just cutting off their nose to spite their face. 

And Kate called up and told us that although she loves a man to be gentleman, her boyfriend is far from it as he is a chef and won't even cook for her.


Jahmene & Ella

We are joined by the lovely Jahmene and Ella from this year's X Factor. They'll be on the show from 7.50 so make sure you have Heart on when you wake up.

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