The Wanted On Heart Breakfast

It was a beautiful sunny start to the week which always puts a spring in our steps and a song in our hearts!

Jack was feeling like a prize numpty this morning after a major bout of stupidity at the weekend. He’d been busy sorting clothes to donate to charity and feeling very proud of his efforts he stuck them all in the clothes bin in the car park at Tesco with gusto. Some hours later when he went to get changed and couldn’t find his most treasured £100 Diesel jeans he realised what he’d done. The doughnut had only gone and binned them with the rest of his clothes!! Now the mission is underway to reunite Jack with his jeans…we’ll keep you posted on the mission as it develops!

Big Town Showdown

In a rare turn of events we were unable to get hold of our Big Town Showdown player this morning so the gallant Steven from Crawley called up to step in and take her place. Gallant he may be but sadly intelligent he isn’t! Poor old Steve got 7 questions wrong and landed rock bottom on the leaderboard. Nice try though Stevo.

The big event on this morning’s show was our chat with the gorgeous boys from The Wanted. Tom & Jack even auditioned for a place in the band! Hear the full interview and their audition below...




On tomorrow’s show we’ll go ‘live’ to Wimbledon to hear the latest from Ivana Grunt-a-lot and and we’ll be chatting about those things in life you’ve just missed out on.


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