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I don't know about anybody else but I found Sunday amazing! The crowds were incredible! So a big thanks to all who turned up to support. People have said the weather was too warm for us runners. Although I can see the logic in this, for me the weather made the day as it brought out such huge crowds to watch! Those that would have stayed at home, had it been overcast and raining, came out to enjoy the sunshine and marathon together.

I thought the event was well organised and I was pleased with my time too! Although my body is in bits at the moment, I am quite happy because I know the pain will pass - but the memory of taking part in and finishing the first Brighton marathon will last forever! I hope you all fulfilled your dreams and expectations, but if not, there is always next year!

Well done to you all as finishing the marathon is something you should be totally proud of. I know I am!



This is it. The marathon is here!! No last minute running,it won't help you! Rest up. Think preparation. How are you getting to the start line? What time am I leaving? Have I got clothes to keep my warm and a set to keep me cool ready? Have I got my food and drink for before and during the race?

If you have the answer to these questions you are well on the way to being ready.But think about the things you need to take care of now,and not on the morning of the marathon!!

Everyone talks about 'hitting the wall', with the recent warmer weather this will be more likely if you are not hydrated properly so make sure you are taking in those fluids on the run to give yourself the best possible chance in 'not hitting it'!!

Good luck everyone!!


-->I'm starting to get really excited now! Although all the aches and pains are taking their toll, we are just a week and a half away! One more training run of note will be enough now, but only if you feel fine. You should rest any aches and pains as a priority to the running now.

In 2 weeks time you will have your life back! You can get back to not having to plan your life around the running. Some of you may miss this but I am sure a lot of you will be relieved.

So just stay fit is the best advice I can give you now. Avoid doing anything stupid, see the pyhsio with any existing injuries and in general rest a little more.

Contact me with any specific enquiries via the contact form below or feel free to call me on 07771 823834 for a chat.



Just 3 more training weekends now and this one coming should be your last significant distance - those last 2 weeks should be lighter one's before the race. So you have 3 weeks now to get everything in you preparation right. The drinks being given out in the race are powerade, so it's probably a good idea to try it out on one of your runs to make sure your body agrees with it.

Try and run any remaining parts of the route that you haven't yet run, just so there are no surprises!!
Alex :)


So, 20 miles achieved this weekend! I am elated! Not only for myself but for all those who ran the distance with my group. I'm very proud they all achieved the distance.

I hope that everyone training for the marathon makes this distance before the marathon because it has just filled everyone in my group with great confidence. However fast you do it, you will know after this distance that you can make the marathon!

The weather helped as the conditions were great but as I keep stressing "be prepared" if you have everything you need food, drink, ipod etc for the run and have prepared well the day before with food, sleep etc then everything in the run becomes easier.

Well done to all you training it is going to be worth it! :)


With only 5 weekends left before the marathon the training is probably starting to feel like a burden.But all those training hours will pay off in 6 weeks time.You should probably take stock of everything in your life and make sure there is nothing that is going to have a negative effect on the race.For example, no last minute skiing trips or maybe not playing football for the next 5 weeks for fear of injury and do you really want to carry and extra 2 or 3 pounds of weight around 26 miles?!So watch your eating!

The next 2 or 3 weeks should be your last for long runs before you start tapering down for the last couple of weeks so prepare well for them!

If you'd like to join my marathon training run this weekend we will be doing 20miles! Contact me for more details.
Hope your training is going well.

Any questions or problems please don't hesitate to ask!


As these runs get longer and longer the joints and muscles will be aching more. So make sure you plan your runs for the week but just as important your rest days when you allow your body to recover from the runs.

Don't forget I will be running with my group of runners every Sunday - meeting at 9am at Corals Health and Fitness. Contact me for more details on 07771 823834.

Keep up the good work! :)


Hi, I'm Alex!

Over the coming weeks, I'll be sharing my top training tips for the Brighton Marathon and answering any questions you may have about your own training or nutrition programmes.

I am a personal trainer on the same journey as you, working towards the Brighton Marathon. If you have any questions or comments, just ask!

'Well I'm sure several of you are questioning your sanity after getting drenched in the half marathon! But now it is over we can all learn from it, whether it was a good or bad run for you, take it forward into the next training run and more specifically the marathon itself. The weather although not pleasant could be the same for the marathon so it was good in a way to experience it now.

There are now only 8 weeks left so focus on getting those miles in because the weeks will be gone before you know it! I will be running 18 miles with my group of runners this Sunday - meeting at 9am at Corals Health and Fitness. Contact me for more details on 07771 823834.
Alex  :)


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