Who's On Heart 2014 Terms & Conditions

Full terms and conditions for the Who's On Heart 2014 premium rate competition.

Who’s on Heart 2014 on Heart Network


1. The following rules (“Rules”) together with Global Radio’s ("Global Radio") general and competition terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) (which can be found at http://www.heart.co.uk/terms-conditions/) apply to ‘Who’s on Heart 2014’ radio competition ("the Competition") which will run from 06/01/2014 until each secret celebrity has been identified (“the Duration”).  The "Radio Station" is The Heart Network.

2. Anyone who enters the Competition (an “Entrant”) will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them.  The Terms and Conditions are available on request from the Radio Station.

Details of the Competition:

3. To enter the competition, an entrant must call 09011515151 (the “Telephone Line”) during the opening times. Telephone calls will be charged at 52p from a BT landline. Other networks may be higher and calling form a mobile will cost considerably more.
The opening and closing times of the Telephone Line will be given out on air.

4. Once the call has connected, entrants will be asked to answer a qualifying question by pressing the touchtone buttons on their phone to select a correct answer. If they answer correctly, they will be entered into the a draw to be selected at random to go to air and play ‘Who's on Heart’. Entrants who are chosen in the random draw will be contacted using the phone number they leave on the line when they call in the first instance.  One caller and up to two back up callers will be randomly selected to play.

5. When you call, our system will recognise your phone number and at the end of the call, you will be presented with an offer whereby if you call to enter a second time in the same competition round, you will receive an additional (3rd) entry at no extra cost. When you call a second time from the same number, the system will recognise your number again and will present you with two qualifying music questions, both of which will be entered into the draw for that competition round. This 3 for 2 offer does not span multiple rounds. Unfortunately this offer is not available to callers who call from a withheld number.

6. The Telephone Line will be re-set after each competition round. Entrants wishing to be included in each draw will need to enter each competition round by calling the Telephone Line.

7. All entrants selected to play will be required to talk to the presenter/s and a call will be recorded with the presenter/s and played on-air. If the caller doesn’t answer their phone, is driving at the time of the call and is unable to pull over, or cannot continue the call for any reason, the call may be terminated and another entrant selected at random.

8. The first randomly selected caller will be played three secret celebrities saying the words “Who’s” “on” “heart”. The caller must correctly identify the three names of the celebrities to be in with a chance of winning. There will be 7 rounds each weekday from 9am to 4pm and 4 rounds each Saturday from 9am to 1pm. (Heart reserves the right to take the game off air for bank holidays or at other times when programming output requires it).

9. The first caller to identify one secret celebrity correctly will win a one off bonus prize of £10,000. The first caller who identifies a second correct secret celebrity will win a one off bonus prize of £20,000*. No callers whom identify these celebrities thereafter will win any cash prizes unless they identify all three secret celebrities correctly, winning the cash jackpot. Only the correct answer will be accepted and the Producer's decision is final.  


10. All players must be 18 or over.

11. You may not enter the Competition if you or any of your Family Members (spouse, partner, close blood relation or spouse of a close blood relation) have won a prize valued at £500 or greater from a competition or promotion on one or more of Global Radio’s radio stations or websites within a period of six months prior to the closing date of the Competition round.

12. Multiple entries are permitted - You can enter as many times as you like but please be aware of the call cost charges. We strongly advise against excessive use.


13. First correctly identified secret celebrity = £10,000*

Second correctly identified secret celebrity = £20,000*

All three secret celebrities identified = The cash Jackpot*. The cash jackpot will start at £30,000 and will increase by £100 each time an entrant submits a guess up to a maximum value of £100,000. Heart reserves the right to increase the Jackpot amount at any time.

From 10/02/2014 the new cash jackpot will be £100,000. This amount is static and will not increase each time an entrant submits a guess. Heart reserves the right to increase the Jackpot amount at any time.

*All cash prizes will be paid after 1st April 2014.

SP: Global Radio Services Ltd, 30 WC2H 7LA. If you are having problems using our phone entry services, please have a look at our FAQ's or alternatively contact our customer helpline on 03333 212196.