How To Stop Berkshire Teens Smoking?

17 August 2011, 05:00

Heart's reporter Michelle Quinn tried the latest way to stop smoking.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have set up Stop Smoking pods in Reading and Newbury, where they take a photo of young smokers faces and put the images through software that ages the photo. It's aimed at smokers aged 24 and under.

Nicholas Hall, is the Stop Smoking Service Coordinator for Young People Services he told us:

“Young people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits to their health by stopping smoking or never starting. It's an ideal opportunity to highlight the excellent effort made by young people in Berkshire West to ensure their long-term health. They also are setting a great example for other children and the population as a whole.”

Jamie Halsall, 17, used the service to stop smoking earlier this year.  He said:

“I started smoking as some of my friends were smokers and the occasional cigarette at parties led to a regular habit. I do a lot of sport and it was affecting my performance, so I had to stop. The adviser was friendly and helpful, and I learned different techniques to avoid needing a cigarette, including a supply of patches. Since I quit, life’s been really good, my fitness has improved and I can run for a lot longer than I used to.”

Young People can get help with quitting at the POD clinic on the ground floor of Broad Street Mall, Reading and at the POD clinic at the Kennet Centre, Newbury. Additionally, the majority of GP practices and some pharmacies in the Berkshire West area have trained stop smoking specialists. If you would like further information, please call the Stop Smoking Service on 0118 952 5400.

Take a look at our reporter Michelle Quinn's results!

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