Oxford PC In Nightclub Assault

5 May 2018, 10:18

Thames valley police

An Oxford-based police officer's quit his job, after he kicked a bouncer who'd thrown him out of a nightclub.
The Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police says Ryan Field would've been sacked had he not already resigned.
It happened in the early hours of Sunday 19 February 2018 at a club in Banbury.
He go involved in a row with door staff by grappling and shouting at them, before then being kicked out.
He then kicked one of the security staff in the shin.
Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell said:
"At the special case misconduct hearing, Field was found to have assaulted a member of the public and behaved in such a manner likely to bring discredit upon the police service which would have undermined the public’s confidence in us."
"There can never be a place for this behaviour in our force and action will be taken against anyone whose conduct falls below the standards, in the way this officer’s did."