Witney By-Election: Who Is Standing?

Witney by-election will take place on Thursday 20th October after David Cameron stepped down.

On Thursday 20 October a by-election will be held in Witney after former Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down as the constituency’s Member of Parliament. 

14 candidates have stepped up to take his place. 

Robert Courts - Conservative Party


Duncan Enright - Labour Party


Elizabeth Leffman - Liberal Democrats


Kenrick 'Dickie' Bird – UKIP


Larry Sanders - Green Party


Helen Salisbury - National Health Action Party

Dr Helen Salisbury is a GP from Oxford West and is running in the by-election to help protect and save front-line services in the area.

She says: “In Witney, a GP surgery is closing as Virgin Healthcare withdraws, Chipping Norton Hospital has been handed to a charity and effectively downgraded, and plans are in place to remove maternity care and more from the Horton Hospital in Banbury. The JR in Oxford will struggle to cope with the extra demand.

“We inherited our publicly funded, publicly provided, comprehensive NHS from our parents: a vote for me is a vote to say you want to ensure its future for the next generation and beyond.”


Winston Truman McKenzie- English Democrats

Winston McKenzie, a former boxer has been a member of every major political party. Many people may recognise him as a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother. He is standing in the by-election for the English Democrats and is currently their Greater London Chairman. They call for England to become an independent country with its own parliament and support the UK leaving the EU.


Adam Knight - Independent

Adam Knight is a businessman and angel investor who went to school in Oxford. He is calling for a new approach to growing the economy and would like to encourage long term investment to create prosperity and opportunity for all in society. He is calling for the decentralisation of political power to help re-engage disenfranchised voters.


Daniel Skidmore - Independent

Daniel Skidmore is from Witney and works as a fitness instructor. He has outlined his main priorities as affordable housing, improvements to local transport, better welfare support for the elderly and supporting local health centres. He has also outlined the need to protect parks and green areas, and was previously involved in saving the derelict Witney football stadium. He also aims to support more social events in the area to bring communities together.


Nicholas Ward - Independent

Nicholas Ward hopes to become the MP for Witney to oppose HS2. He argues that the High Speed 2 project is a huge mistake and he wants to stop it ‘before it is too late’. He argues that the money set aside by government should instead be spent on improvements to the existing rail infrastructure and on the NHS.

He says: “I hope to rekindle the spirit shown in the recent referendum and to provide an opportunity for Witney voters to send a strong signal to the established parties that they do not want their taxes spent on grandiose vanity projects and that there are better ways of spending such huge sums of their money."


Emilia Rose Arno - One Love Party

Emilia Arno is a recent graduate based in London and hopes to champion the voice of young people and encourage them to engage in politics. She was raised in Luxembourg and is of British, Dutch and Italian descent and describes herself as European at Heart. She is running as a member of the One Love Party whose current main focus is tackling air pollution ‘pandemic’. 


David Bishop - Bus-Pass Elvis Party

David Bishop has stood for a number of political positions for the Bus-Pass Elvis Party. Other than being a fan of Elvis, he says he is interested in green issues such as global warming and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. His policies in this campaign include taxing junk food and fizzy drinks, building nuclear fallout shelters and scrapping HS2 and using the money for rural bus routes.


Mad Hatter - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Mad Hatter is standing in the Witney by-election after he was unsuccessful in the 2015 general election in Oxford East. His policies include renaming the House of Lords as "The House of Humpty-Dumpty and all the King's Horses and all the King's Men", giving people the Oxford English Dictionary if they use American spelling and reducing class sizes by giving children smaller desks. He also says he assumes anyone in the constituency with the name Alice will be voting for him.


Lord Toby Jug - The Eccentric Party of Great Britain

Brian Borthwick, running as Lord Toby Jug represents The Eccentric Party of Great Britain. He is a former member of the Monster Raving Loony Party. His policies include making lip balm out of super glue to tackle the obesity problem and a requirement to read a book for every 10 selfies that are taken. He has also suggested he would nationalise crime to make sure it doesn't pay.