Johnny Robinson - X Factor hopeful

X Factor's Johnny Robinson - Love him or loathe him? We love him!

A member of Louis Walsh’ over 25's category, he is one of the last 16 contestants this year and is now part of the live shows.

It seems that Louis has already caused controversy with lots of people claiming that he’s plumped for the more unconventional contestants over the out and out singers, and it could be argued that Johnny Robinson falls into this bracket.

If you haven’t seen Johnny I’d best describe him as being about 6’3 and a little bit of a Mr Muscle lookalike

Have a look at his first audition:

Here he is performing at Louis 'home' in Barcelona:

Well he certainly has a lovely voice doesn’t he, but do you love him or loathe him?

I love him, I think he’s brilliant!

He has totally won me over, so much so I would like us all to back him on our show. I think we need to continue seeing him on the telly because he’s so funny, so warm and lovely, plus he needs our support as I think people just aren’t going to back him enough!

Matt has been less impressed, saying that he had to leave the room every time he comes on because there's something about him that's just too crazy.
Anyway, Nicola from Henley called Heart Breakfast and she totally agreed with little old me. It even turns out that she went to school with Johnny:

Nicola from Henley call

So Matt's ended up having a change of heart and we've both decided to throw the weight of the show behind Johnny…

Let us know what you think about Johnny, will he fall at the first, or go all the way?