The Heart Breakfast McCain family of the Month

If it matters to family it matters to McCain which is why they’ve joined us here at Heart to launch the Heart Breakfast McCain Family of the Month. Each month we’ll be recruiting a family to enjoy an experience and show us what makes them so proud of their family. We’ll then be asking them to come back into the studio, help us out on the breakfast show and tell us all about it!

Introducing the Hannay family...

We’re delighted to reveal November’s Heart Breakfast McCain Family of the Month as the Hannay family from Old Basing.  Let’s introduce them, there’s mum Allison, dad Paul, and brother and sister James and Charlotte. The Hannay family impressed the judges with their entry, and their passion for making great food. Mum Allison is queen of caking making in their house, while 9 year old James wants to become a chef and loves to try different foods!

As a special treat, we sent the Hannay family up to London to take part in a family cooking lesson with celeMcCain logo white background brity chef Antony Worrall Thompson. We organised their travel, accommodation and some spending money so they could hit the London shops after their experience. But how did they get on?

Listen to our special behind the scenes feature here

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