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Tues 22nd June

A home video of a Brazilian toddler dancing on a table has had three million internet hits in one week...but is it real !!



Friday 18th

SO after spending 2 hours on my hands and knees sifting gravel and mud in a strangers back garden to try and find a wedding ring .. no luck !! Thanks to Dave from Paignton who lent me his metal detector but it did't pick it up .. we got excited when we first arrived as we throught we had struck gold ( sorry ! ) but it was the metal fence post . At least we tried.

Doubly gutted as I also managed to kneel on my sunglasses after I put them down to search in a wall cavity as well !

This morning we were amazed at the 9 year old who wrestles alligators ... SEE THE VIDEO


Thursday 17th June

Matt asked for your help this morning after receiving a heart warming email from a pensioner …. She’s lost her wedding ring in her little garden. She was married nearly 60 years before her husband sadly passed away,

BUT she has to move to Oxford tomorrow to live with her daughter and the house has been sold !!

So this morning Matt was after a metal detector … and after being inundated with calls of help he’s meeting up with listener Dave from Paignton whos lending his and hes off to try his first bit of metal detecting .. WILL HE FIND IT FOR HER???          Find out on the show tomorrow !



With exam season on we were talking about tricks you were taught at school to help you remember stuff:

I used this technique to remember the order of the planets back in school days : "Most Voles Eat Manily Jam Sandwiches Under Nasty Places". (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) It's a very odd sentence, but it's mine so it works, even twenty years later.

never eat cheese eat salad sandwiches and remain young (necessary)taught to my daughter at primary school. I thought this was a brilliant idea.

These are fun but I learnt something very simple to remember if the month has 30 or 31 days when I was quite little. If you close your hand into a fist and start calling the months by pointing at the peaks and troughs on your knuckles starting with the index finger and working your way down to the other end and back, remembering to count the little finger twice as you come back (Jul and Aug)you'll never fail to get it right. Basically every month which falls on a knucle has 31 days and those that fall on the trough have 30 days. Of course you do have to know that Feb is either 28 or 29 days not 30!


Necessary - 1 Coffee 2 Sugars! This has always helped me in exams!


I remember  how to remember the difference between stalacmites and stalctites - it's like ants in the pants - the mites go up and the tights come down.

I am a primary teacher, and I can never remember the wives of Henry VIII in order. I made a mnemonic of their surnames [Any Body Should Count Henry's Partners - aragon, boleyn, seymour, cleves, howards, parr

Wednesday 16th June

A young bullfighter in Mexico City leapt head first out of the ring at the beginning of a fight after seeing the bull charge - He decided it wasn't for him ( shame he didn't think about that before he got in the ring ) His day got worse as the crowd booed and jeered him he was arrested for breach of contract  !

See the video of it HERE

After a story on Monday in the press about how dogs are a lot more stupid these days than there forefathers after living with humans ...got sent a brilliant link of dogs who can talk .. see it HERE


Tuesday 15th June

IT'S not every day you see a grinning rock, startled fried eggs or a cheerful-looking loo - or maybe it is, and you just need to look a bit harder.
For it seems the world is full of hidden faces on everyday objects, from happy plugs and grinning lampposts to the odd piece of furious-looking fruit or sad salad.

Click HERE


So ... how do you fancy a new pet? What about Britains new must have pet ! .... CLICK HERE

Monday 14th June

This morning I got myself into trouble with the blokes as I reported the news that 1 in 5 women said that when their partner was watching football they would receive a present or money to compensate for not spending that time with them !

To stop blokes being nagged for the next 4 weeks while the footballs on I had the explanation of the offside rule in a language that women will understand:

You're queuing in Primark in single file at the checkout. The girl in front has forgotten her purse. To your horror, you realise you have forgotten yours. A solution is for your friend further back in the queue to throw her purse. You can't queue-jump till the purse is thrown, but once it has been thrown you can quickly dodge round the girl in front and confront the girl on the checkout


We also talked about how a pair of Apple-obsessed fans have conducted the ultimate geek wedding by incorporating an iPad, along with Twitter and Facebook, into the ceremony.

Not content with simply having the vows read from an iPad, the groom then proceeds to halt proceedings at the critical moment to whip out his iPhone and 'update his Facebook and Twitter status'. 

See the excruciating clip in all its glory HERE


Students in China have set a new world record for the number of fountains created by dropping mint sweets inside bottles of Coca Cola.A total of 2,175 students at Changchun University, in northeast China's Jilin province, simultaneously created geysers.

See the amazing pics and story HERE  

Friday 11th June

This morning I found out how I got on with my driving test !  DETAILS AND PICS HERE

Also we wondered if it was true that President Barack Obama once had a cameo role in the video as a mobile phone-chatting, domino-playing extra in 90's rap video for Tag Teams "Whoomp (There It Is) "

Watch the video and decide HERE



Thursday 10th June

On the show this mornig we heard Katy Perry has apparently bought Russell Brand a trip to space for his 35th birthday. She wore an astronaut suit as she gave her fiancé the £100,000 present at his surprise birthday party in Los Angeles 

£100,000 !!  We found a free way for you to get a trip in space with Nasas "Face in Space" campaign .. myself and Claire have signed up ...... click HERE for the info


James Corden has proved he's not a man to get on the wrongside of after a cringeworthy moment at the Glamour awards the other night when he fell out with Star Trek legend Patrick Stewart !!

Watch HERE  

Listen tomorrow to find out (at the same time as me) whether I pass my driving test as I retake it this afternoon .. watch out Newton Abott !

Thanks for all you good luck messages and tips for passing on the show this morning .


Wednesday 9th June

Well what a busy show today ..

We talked about the chinese who are painting there dogs to look like other exotic animals ... MORE HERE

also Katie Price is releasing her first solo single on the 12th of July which is a bit of a concern after hearing her real voice on her duet with Peter on Children on Need back in 2006 ... CLICK HERE

One in ten foreign tourists come to Britain because they have fallen in love with a film location so we were asking you to get in touch with famous film locations around Torbay and South Devon.

Most people remember Blackball of course .. but what about Churchill .. The Hollywood Years with Christian Slater and Vic and Bob that was filmed around Cockington and Oldway. Neil got in touch saying he though some of the Goodies was filmed around Paignton, Barbara said that Norman Wisdom did a film in Teignmouth called Stop The Press but Wendy got in touch to say that Worzel Gummidge once came to Brixham and we found the evidence  ...


Tuesday 8th June

Now I hardly make my bed .. unlike Claire who even at 4am still bothers to make look lovely before she leaves the house !

Apparently though not making your bed is good thing and healthier according to scientists as it means your less likely to have bed bugs which cause symptoms like hayfever.. if you leave your bed unmade, they find it harder to survive, which is the best excuse you’ve heard today don’t you think!!

With 3 days to go until the world cup a whole load of football anthems are being released including Chicos new one which is shocking ... It's called " It's England Time " Dare to see the video HERE

Better than that though they are re releasing Hi Ho Come on England from John Leyton where the video was shot in none other than Dartmouth !!! See it HERE


Monday 7th June

Back to school Monday and not only are the kids back at school .. but also the rain ! Not looking great for this week but at least we had some nice days for half term.

We were at the Big Midnight Walk on Saturday .. a massive well done to all the ladies who took part ( pictures will be online later on this afternoon on the home page

James Morrsion was in on Friday afternoon for a chat ahead of his Escot Park gig in July.

You can listen to the full interview HERE

Also can confirm I am re taking my driving test after last weeks comments from Claire about my driving and the big day is Thursday .. more info HERE


Friday 4th June

This morning we were talking about driving tests .. apparently the test is to be overhauled so candidates learn how to deal with 'real life' situations on the road!
Instead of simply being prompted at every stage by the examiner, learner drivers will be briefed on a journey they have to remember.  I would be no good at that as my memory is shocking !

Now I do think I'm a good driver but Claire was saying on the show how bad I was ... Okay my friends do tend to grip the seats quite tightly when they are in my car but they doesn't mean anything ... so next week I plan to prove I am a good driver and re take my test and will even do the theory and hazard tests for the first time as they didn't exist when I took my test back in 1995 !

Listen next week to find out when the big day is !

Wednesday 2nd June

So it looks as though morris dancing might be getting a new sexier image and is getting a make over from the costume designers at Strictly Come Dancing, including  6,594 swarovski crystals .. The new look outfits will be tight fitting and will show more flesh.

The idea is to get more of us doing it, as apparently one in four of us would Morris dance, if the clothes were better…..really!   

I had a go at it last year with the Newton Bushell Morris Dancers but wasn’t great …. I blame the bells around my ankles that kept slipping down though.

I found the video of it as well .. have a look HERE      ( I'm wearing a black top and am the one with no hair ! )


Tuesday 1st June


So back after the bank holiday and we had details of how this Friday you can meet James Morrison ... He's coming to Devon on the 16th July for his Escot Park gig but this Friday he is coming into the studios for a chat with myself and Claire and we hear he might even be bringing his guitar.  James loves to hear questions from his fans ... so we are giving one lucky listener the chance to actually come in and put their question to James in the flesh !

For all the details click HERE


Justin Bieber walked smack into the glass of an automatic revolving door when trying to exit a German hotel,  "Ouch! I just walked into that door ... my forehead hurts ... I walked right into the window," Justin told a local broadcast team that captured the incident on camera as he was exiting the Radisson Blu hotel in Frankfurt.

See Justins rather embarrasing moment  HERE



Friday 28th May

Ozzy Osbourne has posed as his own wax-work at Madam Tussauds.
He sat perfectly still on a bench at the famous New York museum waiting for unsuspecting fans to have their photo taken with him.. they were then shocked when he suddenly yelled, 'boo' as they sat down next to him!

Watch the video HERE    ( XXX WARNING XXX This video contains an explicit word at the start of the video from Ozzy .. do not watch if easily offended )


Tursday 27th May

Hello to everyone myself and Heart Angel Jase met yesterday on our school dinner tour at Kings Ash Primary in Paignton .. we loved the meatballs and yum yum lemon meringue pie for pud ! We had an amazing time

Apply online for us to go to your kids / your school if we haven't been there yet .. register HERE


This cheered us up this morning:

Footage has emerged of an Asian black bear allegedly doing 'Kung Fu' style moves with a stick!!!
The footage shows the bear first playing with the 5ft stick with a paw.
The bear then appears to start twirling the stick rapidly around its head using 'Kung Fu' style moves.
At one point the bear - allegedly named Cloud - even throws the stick mid-twirl into the air and catches it.
Animal behaviour expert Professor Marc Bekoff from the University of Colorado said the footage appears genuine.

Be amazed at the video  HERE


Not only that but on the subject of talented animals we also heard today about an american woman claims they own the worlds first musical fish as Jor Jor can play the glockenspeil and handbells ... hmmm we weren't too sure on this one !

Read the full story and watch the video HERE


Tomorrow final a lifetime family pass to Crealy to win and VIP tickets to our sex and the city night at The Apollo on Saturday


Wednesday 26th May

A study has found that four in ten women will lie to friends about how an outfit looks, in order to make themselves look better by comparison.

38% of women lie to friends about their outfits to boost their own self-confidence... Two-thirds told a friend she looked good in something when she didn't. The remainder admitted they had told a friend she looked bad in an outfit which was actually flattering, almost always because they did not want her looking better than them.

Claire was back from her trip to Scotland and we asked her if she had ever lied ... and she said she hadn't ... hmmmmmm!!!

A massive well done to Georgia Bradbury who won that sex and the city VIP package for this Saturday night which includes a fashion show before the screening of the film at The Apollo and 14 year old Sean Mckinnon-Scott who won himself family passes for a year to Crealy .. another double chance to win tomorrow morning !

Tuesday 25th May

This morning I realised it was my Dads 60th birthday and I had totally forgot ! So we were asking for your suggestions on last minute pressie ideas !

We also gave away another annual family pass to Crealy and a Sex and the City VIP package for the Apollo this Saturday

Monday 24th May

Well what an amazing few days of weather and perfect weather for the Devon county show .. check the home page for some of the great snaps

On the show all this week to celebrate the new Vortex ride we have family passes to crealy including a chance to win lifetime family membership

See the details HERE


With just 4 days till the release of sex and the city 2... listen just after 8am everyday to win a sex and the city vip package at the Apollo cimema in Paignton for this coming Saturday night which includes a free fashion show

See the details HERE



Thursday 20th May

A search to find Britain's funniest business names has discovered a fish and chip shop called A Salt And Battered and a hairdressers named Curl Up And Dye. 
So we asked for ones you know about in Torbay and South Devon:

Here are some of the billiant texts we received:

The well hung meat company, its on the road to plymouth?! From Estelle in ellacombe.
hi im john from coffee west, and im delivering to a cafe in bridport called "get stuffed" . They answer the phone "good morning get stuffed" lol hehe xI remember walter wall carpeting in exeter. And my boyfriends shop in dawlish sells ink and is called print heads! Sarah torquay.
Hairdressers called 'SHEAR GENIUS' in Torquay (Reddenhill Road). Also, in Torre, snack bar called 'EGG & SOLDIERS'. Mary.
Have it off in paignton then went on 2 be called trim and tonic. Sandra. Paignton
I'm originally from west Yorkshire and there is a doctor's called Kilmeny Surgery. And no matter how many times i tell people they don't believe me, but you can look it up on web lol. From lisa in paigntoncafe in tqy egg n soldiers paul ptn
there is a dentist in newton abbot called gnasher julie tqy x
Theres a pub in lower polsham rd, the side street is called barum close. Lin. Paignton.x.
I remember 2 shops that sold 2nd hand clothes. The frock exchange and Change of Address. from sandra paignton.
There a pub in bristol thats called the wack um inn!. And the used 2 be a hair dressers in hyde road in paignton called av it off!. Lin. Paignton.x.
i know of a plasterer called plastered seven days a week. He also has a pub. Chris from totnes
Utterly Gutterly seen in Paignton yesterday. JANE X
pea more garden centre


Wednesday 19th

This morning on the show Leanne Busby a trainee accountant from Kingsteignton got all 10 questions right on A Minute to Win It and bagged herself the £1000 !  She is moving house at the moment and some of the money will go towards new furniture and she is now looking at signing up to Trek the Inca trail for Have a Heart.

A massive well done to Leanne.

Don't be too gutted for not winning the money as this morning we annouced another big chance to win:

Heart’s Love Music Live is back, and this time, there’s more glamour than ever before, as we team up with Sex And The City 2 which is out in cinemas from Friday 28th May.

The only way you can be there is to win tickets right here on Heart to an incredible exclusive intimate event with The Saturdays at a glamorous London location.  But that’s not the half of it …. This is a truly amazing prize for you and a friend.We’ll bring you down to London and put you up for a night in a London hotel.  We’ll then send you to Selfridges with £250 so you can buy a fabulous new outfit for the event, we’ll send you to lunch, and to a private Heart screening of the long awaited Sex And The City 2.

Then, you’ll get all glammed up in your new outfits before getting up close to The Saturdays at Heart’s Love Music Live!!!!

 Listen to Toby Anstis, Monday morning from 10 to win.


Tuesday 18th May

This morning we heard the 12 year old boy we were talking about last week who became a YouTube sensation after his rendition of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi was posted online has been offered a recording contract! ( see Fridays blog enry for the amazing video )

The next big sensation is a three-year-old drummer has become an internet sensation after a clip of him playing on YouTube attracted millions of hits.
More than 3.7million people have watched Howard Wong's astonishing performance on the drums.
He first displayed his percussion skills aged just 18 months with an accompaniment to Old MacDonald Had A Farm.
And now, at the age of just three, Howard is already the centrepiece of his father's band, wowing audiences with his skills in a series of rock numbers.

As promised on the show here is a link to the video .. CLICK HERE



Monday 17th May

A huge well done to all the 1800 ladies who took part in Race for Life yesterday .. what an amazing day. Everyone did so well, and you can leave your well done messages on our messageboard HERE

Look out for the Race for Life on the website later today .. ( currently uploading them at the time of writing )


This morning Matt and Claire launched the big apple experiment .. it  basically involves talking to 2 halves of an apple all week ... Find out more about it and listen back to the interview with Nikki Owen who is the brains behind the rather bizzare experiment

Click HERE for all the info

On a minute to win it Angelo from Teignmouth came the closest to winning that £1000 and got 7 / 10 right.


Friday 14th May

We were astounded this morning when we came across a video of  a 12 year old called Greyson Chance. It's his own rendition of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi and has now had over 11 million hits on you tube!!

We love it, see what you think...



Thursday 13th May

On A Minute to Win It a very nervous Jo from newton Abbot thought she was gonna get no questions right, and even told her friends and family she wasn't playing so they might not hear actually did very respectably and got 6 out of 10. The money rolls over again though and we try and give away that £1000 on the show tomorrow.

Also this morning there we had quite a lot of "bra" news including a bra that promises to boost cleavage by two sizes is coming to the high street.
Unlike other push-up bras, which usually just squeeze the breasts together, the new product [by Marks & Spencer] is meant to make them look bigger overall.
The 'Add 2 Cup Sizes' bra uses a super-light foam, but also we talked about the japanese bra that grows RICE .. you could be working and cultivating rice at the same time !

Read the full story and see the pics HERE


Wednesday 12th May

So this morning was a historic day with us all waking up to a brand new prime minister .. but with that in mind there were so many unanswered questions .. like .. Did Gordon live any milk in the fridge for David, cause it would have been the polite thing to do. Did he maybe leave a bottle of champers wishing him good luck, possibly a box of chocolates on the side or did he maybe go around and unscrew all the lightbulbs and the Camerons had to sit in the dark !

Also the Queen handed over the keys to number 10 .. but then again WHY. Someone always answers the door for him ( have you ever seen a PM put the keys in the lock and besides there's a policeman on the door 24 hours a day!


On a minute to win it, the pressure got to Carol from Paignton and she got 5 out of 10 . .so we play again tomorrow morning and try and give away that £1000. 

Plus another chance for you to win a family pass on the new sea train excursion from Torquay to Dartmouth on text in the blank .

Tuesday 11th May

Piñata, an activity which involves children smashing a papier mache unicorn with a stick, has overtaken pin the tail on the donkey in popularity, according to retailers.... I'd never heard of this activity and Claire had to explain it all.

i thought it sounded a bit dangerous but thinking about at it ... they both involve blindfolding kids and giving them something potentially hazardous… a stick or a pin… either way it could end in tears!


On a Minute to Win It ... Julie a farmer from Bovey Tracey while sat on her tractor managed 5 out of 10 this morning !



Monday 10th May

On A Minute To Win It ... Andy the Milkman managed to score 5 out of 10 .. so the money rolls on till tomorrow morning!


It was the official naming ceremony at Woodlands of Rogan and Gibbard the meercats at the weekend …They even have there own fanpage now on facebook .. become a fan by clicking HERE

Did you see Britains Got Talent on Saturday and the guy who tried to break the After Eight Guiness world record ? Well watch Matt trying live on the air HERE


Friday 7th May

Friday we were talking about the dress that turns into a Coca Cola machine to ward off attackers !

Have a look at the pictures and full story HERE



Wednesday 5th May

24 Year old Ben Hawke a teaching assistant in Totnes only managed to get 2 questions right on A Minute To Win It! so the money rolls over again until tomorrow.

Could you have done any better .. check out this mornings questions and the answers HERE .  Listen tomorrow when Steve from Paignton will be playing to win the cash.

Was a bit gutted this morning to find out I missed out on the sleeping bag tester job we were talking about last week to a guy from Newton Abbot !

27-year-old Phil Latam has got the sought-after job of sleeping bag tester! He will now get paid £600 per week - that's the equivalent of £30,00 per year - simply for sleeping on the job. All he has to do is test various sleeping bags under canvas and report back to bosses at Halfords about their comfort and warmth. Phil beat off competition from over 1,000 other applicants for the job

Tuesday 4th May

May the 4th be with you ! 

Back after the bank holiday weekend and what a brilliant weekend. I was a busy boy event hopping, I made it to the Brixham Pirate festival to watch the record being broken for the most number of pirates gathered ( 1722 ) on Saturday and then yesterday was in Cockington and Stoke Gabriel for their May Fair.


On the show Victoria Newby from Brixham got 5 out of 10 questions right on A Minute To Win It

It's back tomorrow just after 8am .. listen for the cue to text in to resister to play

Tuesday 27th April

The Red Arrows have fresh competition in the form of a group on mobility scooters! The Red Wheelies drive their low-speed scooters in formation in much the same way as Red Arrows pilots fly their plane - pulling off stunts as they go. And while not as quick or daring as their aeronautical role models, the sight of the red-jacketed team scootering around a car park is surprisingly entertaining. The team was devised by Jackie Weeden as a way to help raise awareness of (and money for) a multiple sclerosis charity.

They just need to work out how to get coloured smoke flowing from the back of each scooter!

See a video of them HERE

Monday 26th April

Avatar is out this week on DVD and we heard that Supermarket chiefs are teaching their staff Na'vi, the alien language from AVATAR ! Branches around the country will have shop signs translated into Na'vi.... we were thinking it's hard enough to find stuff when they change stuff around all the time never mind if they put the signs in an alien language !

Also we found the worlds number 1 Avatar fan .. his name is Richard Sci-fi movie nut Richard dresses up as one of the big, blue aliens and speaks the Na'vi language
He has even compiled a dictionary to help others learn the lingo - and wants to start his own tribe here on Earth. 

American Richard - who moved to Scotland in 2006 - said: "Strangely, I haven't got a girlfriend at the moment. It's hard to find someone 14ft and blue - that would be perfect for me.

"But if I could find a girl who speaks the language and lives in my area that would be a dream."

Good luck with that Richard !


Thursday 22nd April

Today we talked about the woman who uses her own breast milk in her own recipes which includes tarts, smoothies and even lasagne.

 Abi shares her creations with friends and even sells the food to strangers at food festivals.

She has held several dinner parties, often serving lasagne or pasta made using breast milk for the cream sauce. Her speciality is vanilla breast milk cheesecake.. and describes herself as the Nigella Lawson of Breastmilk cookery !

Wednesday 21st April

On the show this morning we heard that an Icelandic musician has composed a lighthearted song to attempt to help people remember how to pronounce the name of the volcano which has caused travel chaos.

Eyjafjallajokull - pronounced roughly ay-uh-fyat-luh-yoe-kuutl – has confused many people and has proven especially testing for newsreaders more accustomed to easier words, or simply English.

So we tracked it down and played it on the show this morning .. still didn't help us pronouce it any better thou !

Click HERE to see hear the song

Tuesday 20th April

Was over my friends house last night and he has built a mini stonehenge in his back garden. He has even gone to the trouble of downloading an actual plan of the real stonehenge so it looks authentic !

I'm not quite sure what to make of it so it's on the website so feel to have your say .. should it stay or should it go ?


Have a look HERE

Monday 19th April

With Claire down in the dumps this morning as it looks like she isn't going to make it on holiday to Barcelona on Wednesday we were trying to cheer her up with your tales of misery that the volcanic ash has caused!

We had a call from Jo in Totnes who's husband is stranded in Mexico at the moment and she's 8 months pregnant !

and this is amazing:

Neighbours is looking for a female British fan to appear in a cameo role. It's part of the Australian soap's 25th anniversary celebrations. Aspiring actresses can download a script from Channel Five's website and put a video of their audition on YouTube... so we are downloading the script for Claire and and are gonna try and get her the role .. to cheer her up for missing her holiday !

Thursday 15th April

On the show this morning we were talking about things you think you will never grow out of .. for me it's defiantly strawberry milkshakes and for our Claire it's got to be those potato smiley faces

You said Eggy Bread, Jelly and Ice Cream, Pink and Whites, WWE wrestling, Ice Cream with Sprinkes, Mr Whippys and loads more but we had a load of people get in touch who say they still love RUSKS and have them with warm milk which tastes amazing apparently.

Lisa from Kingsteignton came on the show to say she tucks into them with her hubby ! So I have invited myself around to her house tonight with producer Matt to sample them .. be listening tomorrow to see what we thought!


Wednesday 14th April

Busy show this morning .. the main talking point was about the brilliant spoof video of Alicia Keys and Empire State of Mind that's doing the rounds ... it's all about Torquay...  It's a little harsh about the area though, but is it fair?

See the video of Torbaydos by clicking here

also I revealed yesterday that Woodlands are going to name them next Ferret after me .. it's going to be called " Rogan " not wanting Claire to be left out they have got in touch to say they will name an animal after her too! We were trying to decide what animal would suit GIBBARD. They have suggested one particular animal that will need a name which I think is brilliant but I'm not saying anything yet !


Tuesday 13th April

On the show this morning we were after your misheard lyrics .. a lot have people have heard the classics but we were after more recent and current songs .. we loved hearing which wrong lyrics you sing along to ... Some of our favourites are below:

Duffy .. You got me beggin for birseed

Black Eyed Peas .. Muffintop

Kings of Leon .. You set things on fire / your satchels on fire

Madcon .. Peggy, Peggy Sue

Jls .. Peter Kay

Beyonce .. All the dinner ladies / A single lettuce



You might need to listen to the songs to see what we mean !


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