8 Hilarious One-Liners From Downton Abbey's Dowager!

We would all be better off if we had a little bit of Dowager Countess in our lives! Downton Abbey's matriarch, portrayed by the legendary Dame Maggie Smith, always has us in stitches with her quick wit and sarcastic one-liners. We have rounded up her best quotes to get you geared up for series 5.

1. Something tells us the Countess doesn't find toilet humour the slight bit amusing. 

2. Don't bother looking for sympathy, the Countess has no time for your complaints!    

3. The Countess may like a pudding but she is far from sweet!                                                                                                        

4. Obviously getting excited about something is just so not classy!

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5. Just when you think you've dressed up, the Countess is there to put you back in your place.   

 6. Something tells us she wouldn't be an iPhone fan... She's never liked new technology. 

7. Did you not know? Self-pity is for commoners.

8. Only commoners look forward to a day off. For the Countess everyday is a weekend.