Eastenders Have Messed Up Awkwardly With This New Year's Blunder!

Eastenders New Year Blunder

Many fans noticed the gaffe straight away after it popped up in the Queen Vic during yesterday's episode.

There have been a few Eastenders gaffes this year, some more dramatic than others, but this could be the most OBVIOUS one yet!

During scenes that took place in the Queen Victoria pub in yesterday's episode, many fans spotted something glaringly obvious on a poster in the background promoting a New Year's Eve party...

It says NYE 2017, oops! 

Mick Carter (played by Danny Dyer) is getting a bit ahead of himself there, we need to ring in the new year for 2016 first! 

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Admittedly, it has been a bad year but lets not fast forward a WHOLE year! 

And it wasn't just a few people that spotted the error either, many fans took to Twitter to laugh at the silly blunder.

Or we might have totally got the wrong end of the stick and they really are planning that far in advance!