So you think you know the 90's?!

So – you know how competitive I am, right? Well on Friday’s Heart Breakfast, ahead of “All 90’s all weekend”, I tried to prove JUST how much I could remember of my favourite decade.

I was absolutely certain I’d get all of these correct. I was wrong. In fact, I got six. Natalie in Mill End played and got five and Glamorous Assistant Laura got four (so fortunately I did STILL win!)

Now it’s your turn!! Take our “So You Think You Know The 90s Quiz” and then listen to Natalie and I play the competition to find out the answers!

Daniel x


  1. Richard Ashcroft was lead singer with which 90's brit pop band? 

  2. Here’s a 90's TV theme. Samantha Janus starred in the show, but what is it?
    So you think you know the 90's Clip 1

  3. Tony Blair replaced who as Prime Minister of the UK? 

  4. 1992's Biggest Oscar Winning film starred Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster - what was it? 

  5. Here's a UK hit from 1990. It's called Birdhouse in your soul - by They Might be WHO??
    So you think you know the 90's Clip 2

  6. In 1995 which group equalled a record held by The Beatles for consecutive Christmas number 1s? 

  7. This comedian was huge in the 90's - who is he?
    So you think you know the 90's clip 3 

  8. In 1997 - Eddie Murphy played SEVEN parts in the same film - what was it?  

  9. In which 90's year did Wannabe, Jesus To A Child and How Deep Is Your Love get to number 1? 

  10. One Foot In The Grave launched on TV in 1990 - which animal featured on the opening title sequence?!

So you think you know the 90's Quiz.


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