Girl With Arms Up, Armpits

Are you one of many men or women who experiences situations where underarm sweat makes you feel self-conscious and interferes with your daily activities?

Do you find that you have to apply more antiperspirant than normal? Do you worry that others will notice sweat stains, requiring you to change clothes more than once a day, even when it’s not hot outside? Then try miraDry, a clinically-proven and safe solution, available at MediZen.

Why choose miraDry?

•    The treatment provides a dramatic reduction of underarm sweat
•    Results can be seen after just ONE treatment
•    miraDry treatment DOES NOT need to be repeated year after year
•    The procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical
•    miraDry treatment is quick
•    The procedure is toxin-free
•    miraDry is approved by the FDA

The revolutionary treatment which permanently reduces
underarm sweating, banishing sweat patches for good
Available at MediZen
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