Training exuses?

Excuses? No, they’re reasons!!

Oh dear oh dear, between a lovely camping trip to cornwall and moving house I’m struggling to stick to any kind of training schedule at the moment. I’m lucky if I manage 2 fairly standard 5 mile runs a week. Not managed any of the hill runs I was hoping to slip in, not managed to fit a 7 miler in or any core strength work.

I do hope you’re fairing better as we only have 8 weeks to go, yikes. I keep telling myself that after the move (one week from now) I’ll have all the time in the world to pound the pavements. But of course I won’t know any routes? Well that’s the excuse I’m already preparing anyway. It’s a poor excuse when there are plenty of great sites now to plan and prepare for great runs, I’ve found, I shall report back on how it goes! Meanwhile I’m off to Shambala festival for the weekend where the only running I’ll be doing is from the beer tent to the porta loos. That doesn’t look right!! You know what I mean!


Happy running, hopefully I’ll have better news of my ‘training’ next time!!