Birmingham New Street In Numbers

Birmingham's New Street's new exterior.

Did you know the original station first opened in 1854 and that a train passes through every 37 seconds? Here's New Street in numbers!

4 train operating companies run through the station
5 times more space at concourse level
5 times the size of London Euston’s concourse
7 days a week working on site, 24 hours a day
12 platforms will be refurbished
13 Centre Courts at Wimbledon – size of the entire new passenger concourse
15 new lifts, serving every platform
36 escalators, serving every platform
37 a train arrives or departs Birmingham New Street every 37 seconds
50 lifestyle and premium fashion brands in Grand Central
60 pupils from local primary school toured station
60% rain water harvested from the façade used to flush all the toilets in the station
85% of non-hazardous waste material from the whole project to be recycled /re-used as a minimum
1,000 jobs created through John Lewis and Grand Central
1,200 workers on average on site increasing to 3,500 at the end
1854 original station first opened
1967 redeveloped station opened
2009 work began on the new station
2015 overall project completion
3,300 square metres of new atrium, the size of a football pitch
5,000 tonnes of concrete removed from the old NCP car park to create the first half of the new concourse
7,000 tonnes of concrete removed from Stephenson Tower
10,000 lorry journeys saved off Birmingham’s roads throughout the project by using trains to transport waste material
20,000 tonnes of concrete removed to create the space for the atrium
170,000 passengers use the station daily
300,000 passenger-per-day capacity of the new Birmingham New Street station
200,000sq ft of retail space in Grand Central
250,000sq ft of space in John Lewis